A Journey Teaching Applied Statistics for Health Sciences in an Asynchronous Team Based Learning Format using Data Science Ideas.


A humble teachers tale transitioning from a tradition lecture based applied statistics for health sciences course to an online asynchronous team-based learning format. The team-based learning format uses a flipped class room environment with students working in group through module sprints. Much like data science this environment requires using group diversity and communication to succeed. An online class creates a difficult problem of meeting in groups and administering the class efficiently. With the application of an asynchronous delivery of the students become familiar with working with remote colleagues and the challenges of communication that isn’t face to face. With these challenges students lean heavily on data visualizations to communicate results and assumptions of their inference. This course is implemented using Sakai for the learning management system, and using RStudio to facilitate the using of the R programming language.

Aug 1, 2019 8:30 AM
Denver, Colorado
Ben Barnard
Data Scientist

My research interests include the intersection of common sense and data science, statistics education, and the art of consulting on data science projects.